Monday, September 9, 2013


AM, your blogs always move me, and of course some piss me right off. This morning's post is one such a blog. Another woman dying waiting for someone to throw some research dollars their way. Jen is everywoman, and I grieve for her, even having never met her.

So, in my mind it is time to take organizing to the next level.

How does a "Rage Against the Ribbon" movement actually begin?

How does a "Where does the money go?" Movement begin?

How does a movement begin where big media starts shining a light on how little $ actually goes to research?

Where do we carry banners with those who died waiting pictured, and the media and donors actually pay attention?

How do we take this outrage to the next level and force somebody to DO something?

That is a message from my very dear friend, Carmen.  She left the comment on Friday's blog.  I "met" Carmen in April of 2003.  April 11, to be exact.  I joined an online support group where I connected with a group of women, all moms, all dealing with similar Kid Issues.  Carmen joined the group in March.  I logged on to that site as I began writing this post to check the dates.  The site is still extremely active and there are names I recognize from over ten years ago.

In December of 2004, a core group of us formed a private google group.  These are the women with whom I first conversed via a computer monitor.  These same women are the ones who held me up through the endless tests and ultimately, my cancer diagnosis.  They were right there as I was sorting through my surgical options, through my chemo treatments,  through the death of my dad, through my mom's cancer diagnosis less than one month after my dad's death.

It was Carmen's head I nearly bit off when she suggested, "Blog."  Carmen is how I became @chemobrainfog.  Carmen and I met exactly one time over these ten plus years of a very deep friendship.

October is less than three weeks away.  I'm picking up Carmen's questions as my call to action.  It IS time to take the outrage to the next level, it IS time for the truth to be told.

Fact:  Breast cancer is the most overrated success story in Cancerland.

I am going to make sure I bring this fact to the attention of as many people as I possibly can.

This October?  Awareness?  No, I think not.  We are aware.  In fact, we've become so damn aware, reality has been lost.

This October.....A campaign of truths.

I'll wrap them in pink ribbons if that's what it takes but damn.....

It's time for reality to rise above the ribbon.

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  1. AM, over the course of Chemobrain Fog you have posted data on "where the money goes" and how much research is actually being done and where. Do you have any way to organize this data into a "fact sheet" that can be used to twitter-bomb and FB Bomb and Google-Bomb until someone notices that the "Emperor has no clothes"?

    I'll do my part, I swear, and will even media-bomb every news outlet I can find. Let's raise some hell, because dammit, people are dying out there and it is almost criminal.


    1. Yes, Carmen....

      I will organize this into a sheet of facts that can be used across all social media channels.

      In fact, besides the facts, there are some brilliant quotes from others that I will try to coordinate.... starting with:

      The cure for breast cancer is NOT a pink ribbon.

      LOVE YOU.....

  2. How does a rage against the ribbon movement begin? I've been wanting it for so long.

    1. We have the perfect platform. Social MEDIA... Our voices know NO boundaries when we use them in forums where there are no walls.

      It's time for taking it to the "tweets" ....


  3. How does Rage against the Ribbon begin? You just start!! Start on your Face book page Start with your blogs..start by talking telling informing other places you visit.. tell your friends I get the Pink crap in my mail starting early summer gearing up for October awareness month! Whatever you need I'm in for it..
    Love Alli.Xx

    1. Alli...

      You are tasked with making sure there is a photo of Niagara Falls on October 13th. We have to get people that aren't a part of this to ask questions. "Why is Niagara Falls color show being interrupted for 15 minutes? What is THAT all about??"

      You're always right there and I'm so grateful.


  4. Love how people pull together for something that is of importance! I'm all for it.


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