Friday, October 11, 2013


Sunday is October 13th.  This is the single day in the midst of the pink haze that we pause to acknowledge the fact that breast cancer, once it metastasizes, is a different disease.

If I could make this page go black until Monday, I would.  I'm not that tech savvy and I don't have an IT person to call upon.

Thus, there will be no fade to black.  No armband of solidarity.

The only thing I am going to ask?

I need photographs.

Two locations:


2-Niagara Falls

This entire weekend, the Milwaukee Domes are going to be lit in METAvivor signature colors of Teal, Pink and Green.

On Sunday night, at 9PM and again at 10PM, Niagara Falls light show will be halted for 15 minutes and only a teal light will shine on the cascading water.

Please share with anyone you know who may be in either of those areas.  Simple photos taken with a phone will suffice.  I'd just like to capture the images.  And mostly, I hope people will pause and ask "Why?"

If you can get me some images, email them to me.  PLEASE!  The contact info is just to the left.  Good practice to keep it out of the blog post.  Stops the spam....  But, I'd be really happy if I found tons of pics in my inbox.

Let's take a break from the pink mania and pause to remember those who have died, those who are quite ill and those who live with this disease each and every day.

I love you, mom.

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  1. I look forward to seeing those pictures, and even more to the buzz of increased realization about mets that the 13th hopefully brings. ~Catherine

    1. ME, too. I hope this will get people at least ASKING the question. What's up with the lights? And then, hopefully, we can start a conversation.


  2. AnneMarie, you have been a strong advocate for those with metastatic breast cancer, and as a metster, I thank you. But those colors - do they have to do with metastatic breast cancer, or something else? I'm a little confused, I'd never heard of different colors, and of course, Teal is the color of Ovarian cancer. Can you clear it up for me? Message me if necessary. Hugs to you girlie!


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