Monday, January 13, 2014


My heart is heavy.  The year has started with many of my friends in the metastatic community facing a number of serious challenges.  Last night, I learned of the death of yet another young woman and I am heartbroken.  Once again, heartbroken.

If you haven't been along for this blog ride, you may not be familiar with the Stage IV Traveling Pants.  On January 10th, they were featured in an article in a Michigan paper.

Yesterday, just two days after that article appeared, Stephanie Maltby's life was cut short.  Stephanie was just 34 years old when she died of breast cancer.

Stephanie's sister, Shannon Kegebein was the genius behind the traveling pants and she has been the guardian of those pants. The first person to sign them was Stephanie and soon after, they began their journey around the globe.  They just made their way back to Stephanie after a visit in Israel.

Shannon is my friend.  She sent me those pants so I could messenger them to a friend in Canada.  When the package arrived, I waited until I was alone to open it.  It was impossible to blink back the tears as I read the messages of love shared among so many.

Much love to you, my dear Shannon.  And love and support to Stephanie's entire family especially her three young children.

And a tremendous debt of gratitude for the kindness extended to Stephanie and her cousin Brenda by Sharon Osbourne last March when Stephanie was in Los Angeles.

Rest peacefully, Sweet Stephanie.

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  1. Thank you for letting me know about the Stage 4 traveling pants. I am sorry for this, another loss, of a beautiful young woman to this terrible disease.

  2. Another horrible loss. We will not forget. #MetsMonday

  3. Breast cancer kills. But we know that only #ResearchSavesLives. Thanks for your ongoing, passionate and compassionate advocacy.

  4. So very young, incredibly sad… hugs to you AM. I don't really know what to say.

  5. My heart breaks every time I learn of someone's passing. Peace & love, AM.

  6. Every time it just makes me so angry and sad. This should not still be happening! No one should be losing their life to this darn disease. Please take minute and say a prayer for all of us "sisters", please read my friend Sara's story and shared the link please!
    Anne Marie please forgive me for hijacking your post but I know your readers understand and can spread the word much faster than I ever could. Thank you.

  7. Thank you AnnMarie for your blog post, finally getting to settle down, reflect, and catch up on "life", I cannot wait til you see what the next step, or phase of this project has to come...hearts WILL melt!


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