Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Annie Parker.  Decoding.  DNA.  BRCA Mutations.

On May 2, Decoding Annie Parker will hit theaters and be available On Demand.  I should have been able to write more of a review of the movie.  I had two opportunities to see the movie in screenings.  The premiere in NYC was on April 2nd, 2013.  I WAS going.  I remember that I was going because it tied in to the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments just days later in the case against Myriad.

Then, I was going to a film festival in the Hamptons in October of 2013 where there was another screening.  It was there that the film's director, Steven Bernstein, was awarded the Alfred P Sloan Feature Film Prize.  Yes, THAT Sloan, the guy with the hospital..... MY hospital to be precise.

I don't know what derailed me both times, but I know that the wait is over.  I also know the message in this film embodies everything I've come to love since I took my first baby steps into social media by launching this blog.  From social media neophyte to patient-advocate, with the help of many along the way, every aspect of this film speaks to me.  Knowing one's own body.  Speaking out.  Advocating.  And from the science perspective, tenacity.  Those scientists who continue to push when they see a glimmer of something.

Today is part of a blitz campaign.  Full disclosure on my part.....  I don't promote anything that doesn't align with my beliefs but I was invited to join the fun by including this clip which is one of the lighter moments from the film.  Feeling Myself Up ....  the self breast exam.

There's another clip which is in the trailer that's below that's bound to bring a huge laugh although, when looking at the clip in context, it is from one of the more serious scenes in the film.  I'm guessing you'll figure it out for yourselves.

If you are reading this, you can help promote the film buzz by sharing in as many places as you feel comfortable.  And, if you haven't seen the film, plan to do so on Friday!

Any Breaking Bad fans out there?  Jesse (Aaron Paul) is in this movie.  Hope to get him involved in today's Social Media Buzz!  He already started:

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  1. The movie looks great, and yet it gets me a bit nervous to watch. I have a hard time watching films about cancer . . .sparks too many emotions! But I have to say, this nevertheless looks excellent. ~Catherine

    1. Completely understand and totally understandable. Hope you are well, my friend! xoxo


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