Monday, March 2, 2015


It's a hashtag blitz. The credit for this belongs to Beth Fairchild. And my thanks go to Lori Dorn for putting it on her FB timeline.

Beth decided to use Monday, March 2 to stomp out breast cancer. #metsmonday which was started by Nancy of Nancy's Point and then heavily promoted by upstate AnnMarie of Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer, is one of the hashtags she suggests we use for what she refers to as a Pink Out. I like it. #PinkOut.

No matter where you spend your social media time, the goal is to get people talking about the only breast cancer that kills. Metastatic breast cancer. To get the facts out regarding the reality of the disease and the lack of of funding for research that will save the lives of those living with metastatic breast cancer. Their stories are the ones that sully the pink ribbon feel good stories. And their outcome hasn't budged since forever.

And so, today, we #PinkOut by using hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If your thing is Facebook, they track hashtags, too. So include it anything you decide to post. Start with links to METAvivor.  Here's their video. And use these hashtags:


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