Friday, April 10, 2015


This is exciting. Two years ago, I had the honor of being invited to the Annual AACR meeting. I was in the scientist <--> survivor program and it was quite simply, a wonderful experience. In one week, I will be in Philadelphia for this year's meeting, again as an SSP participant.

What's more exciting? I was asked to give a presentation on Social Media for Scientists. The slides have been submitted, my narrative is still being developed and will be practiced several times. I have a poster to prepare. Those who have been along for this ride with me over these past two years may recall my big poster unveiling. And then, there is the group presentation. I'm putting together notes for that, too.

I'm working with Trial Reach to help fill a research study for patients with advanced or metastatic breast cancer and I am committed to helping METAvivor as they wind their way across the country. There are a few other things happening behind the scenes. The Visible Ink workshop I mentioned in my last post was one of those things.

Tons of things happening, some of them I'm not at liberty to share, others are simply not my story to tell.

I suppose this is my advance absentee note. I'm still here, posting new content when I come up for air. If you've sent me an email and haven't heard back, you will. Find me on Facebook. Although not my primary spot for social media, I did manage to catch the attention of, AND get a rather lengthy response from the American Cancer Society when I had a mini-rant over an article they posted about those five year survival rates.

I'm triaging my life right now which isn't the easiest thing to do with a chemobrain.

Stay Tuned...... and tune in to twitter, too. It's my go to place to keep up with current events. And it's where my big mouth will be broadcasting from for a few days next week. LOOK!

Join @weldeiry @cancerassassin1 @chemobrainfog at #AACR15 Social Media for Scientists

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  1. That's wonderful to be part of something you care about. I'll make sure to check you out next week on Twitter. Thank you for doing everything you do.

    And it was truly a pleasure meeting you the other night. Good luck with everything!

    1. It was wonderful to meet you, too. Visible Ink is such a fabulous program and your blog is great. So important to bring the voices of many to the conversation. Your voice is quite powerful. I didn't realize you were born in the Dominican Republic until I read your blog. We just returned from a mini-getaway on Sunday evening!

  2. Whether you are "here" on this page or not, I know you are "here" for us. Keep up the good work.

  3. It's a beautiful place, having such an open and joyous feeling to it. It's totally amazing! This is definitely a wonderful place to spend time. It's plenty fun to sit at NYC events and enjoy food and drinks with amazing conversations.


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